【CLOSE】We hold hands on about the person style data analysis in FOSS4G 2014 Hokkaido !

Our CEO Hiroaki Sengoku serves a lecturer by a hands on session “person from Mobmap style data analysis guide” of 2014 FOSS4G (*) with Tokyo University space information science center Satoshi Ueyama. I analyze geotag tweet of twitter through mobmap and QGIS in addition to treat a method to visualize a person style, and to analyze. We are going to hold it for from 09:30 to 12:30 on June 29. The interest one where there is, please participate!



(*) FOSS4G (Free Open Source Software for Geosopatial) is free software and the free service of a high quality handling geography space information and community event about many open sources.


The pseudo person style data who made it for this hands on is annouced by a knight lei Co., Ltd. For more information, look here. This hands on practice document showed it in Slideshare